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We have an article by Lalitha Raman, whom she refers to as the Modern Rishi. We have excellent articles by Dr.

B. V. Raman

Nemani, Barry Rosen and others. This is a special issue having three wonderful articles on the most important of life - Pregnancy and Childbirth. Many other wonderful articles by experts like Dr. Vasan and others whet your astrological appetite. Buy your copy today! Raman Memorial number. Raman's grandson Raman Suprajarama writes about the future of India while Dr. Raman's son Niranjan Babu writes about Vastu and how it can assist in peace and prosperity at home.

We have predictions for the month and for the entire year. We discuss the horoscope of Angelina Jolie, one of the more popular Hollywood stars who made headlines in multiple ways. What are the astrological combinations for a Divorce? How can Trikonas track What are Dasa Systems?

Thanks to Almighty, it did not last more. My greetings to you for letting the magazine reappear. Some of your readers seem to be not in tune with the subject of vastu. Naturally when an author appears to have little regard for decorum or maryada.

The Astrological Magazine January issue – Get your digital copy

This arises out of ego. Prarabdha prevails. There is occasion now in your magazine to heed the truth of vastu bereft of overemphasis and contempt. I began this subject from my revered mother decades ago. She departed at the age of 89 in I am now I have pursued the pragmatic aspect as distinguished from the classical calculations.

If it suits your discretion, you can put queries to judge my level. If the Almighty ordains, the answers may be found satisfactor. I understand that the name of the magazine may be changed. If so, you may kindly consider the choice in favour of The Indian Astrological Magazine. I want to subscribe to your magazine online edition. Since I live in a very small town the other option is my personal check. Let me know at your earliest. My revered mother was an avid reader of AM. We were buying the issues since about early fifties. She had no guru, except the books she had collected.

Career In Civil Services By The Unknown Astrologer

I was not blessed with the same degree of insight in the subject and could pick up only the rudiments but was indeed fascinated by her drawing of houseplans and Numerology that has kept me engrossed in the subjects as a social service. She left us in at the age of By now at the age of 81 I have with me a modest bulk of notes on Vastu that may serve as a useful guide. If there lies any bit of pertinence in my submission, I should feel grateful for some guidance to move ahead.

I am an old subscriber of the Astrological Magazine, and am very happy to note that the Magazine is afloat back on stands. Can I subscribe this magazine by deposit the subscription fee online thru any bank branch here in Delhi. There have been changes in the structure of management for Astrological Magazine over the years. After Dr. The editor is Dr. Niranjan Babu. It is still not up to the same level as before, but hopefully the churn is over and the magazine will reach earlier levels of greatness.

My work has been widely acclaimed. My writings have mostly appeared in the west. I can email it to you. I think the articles published in your site carry URL or link whereby readers can reach to read. Looking forward to hear from you. I am both learning and practising astrology,but want to learn more. What I should do for it? Also I want all of your previous old issues of astrological magazines available with you. Please follow this link for Contact and Consultation. Your email is used for verification purposes only, it will never be shared. Please go through the Terms of Use in the footer of the page.

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Comment by S. Heartening news. Comment by B V Gopinath on February 25, at pm Dear readers We all suffered more than a year without this magzine. Comment by Sundar raman on February 26, at pm Good news madam…Was missing the Astrological Magazine for the last couple of months or so..

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