New moon 21 december 2019 astrology

Difficulties concentrating, grounding ourselves. We are flexible, adaptable, willing, open to change, and possibly flighty or nervous. We are looking to attach value and meaning to our goals.

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This is a time for analyzing, questioning, perfecting, and improving. Note that the Moon moves at a rate of approximately one degree every 2 hours so that if an aspect involving the Moon is applying and has an orb of 5 degrees, the aspect will perfect be exact in about 10 hours. If the Moon is separating from an aspect with an orb of 2 degrees, it has already formed said aspect approximately 4 hours ago since the following are positions at noon today, then it would have occurred at about 8 AM today. The energy of the aspect builds as it gets closer to exact.

Separating aspects are good to know for context, but in terms of energy that is with us today, applying aspects are most important. This is the case for daily astrology influences involving inner planets, which pass quickly, and not natal astrology aspects, which are with us for a lifetime. We are attracted to new ideas and are especially curious. There can be disagreement between logic and feeling, the heart and the head. You attempt to cater for everyone around you. You need to be true to yourself and gently leave others to look after themselves.

We may be going overboard or to excess now. Emotional restlessness, high expectations. Difficulties focusing on responsibilities; difficulties prioritzing. We are looking for fun or for something to celebrate, and turn to others to share our good feelings. We may feel a need to escape or to rewrite our lives in various ways — by seeing what we want to see, for example. This is a short time in which there can be lack of clarity. Emotional and physical sensitivity.

You are a sunny and adventurous individual.

Astrology December 2018 - New Moon December 7 and Full Moon December 22

You are optimistic and philosophical, and may tend to bluntness. We are looking forward, happy and confident about making changes and improvements.

Astrology of Today – Friday, December 21st, 2018

We are willing to experiment and explore. We can feel especially vulnerable to criticism or fear rejection now, or could struggle with a situation where we may need to humble ourselves. People or circumstances may seem to be exposing or playing on our vulnerabilities. You seek knowledge to expand your world view. You are a born philosopher, enjoying any information which helps you see the big picture.

For instance you may enjoy a religious debate. You place importance on freedom of speech and thought. You are talkative and have a thirst for knowledge. You have big ideas and plans. Education will feature largely in your life. Our minds can wander and communications can be unclear.

We may not be seeing the obvious, and instead are imagining more complicated scenarios. Business and mechanical matters may suffer.

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There is a love of investigation, intimacy, depth connections, and consuming relationships and pastimes. This is a time for closing up projects that are no longer viable and for clearing out the deadwood. We may be passive-aggressive or we choose roundabout ways to fulfilling our desires.

Escapism or procrastination could be problems now. We are highly intuitive and quickly defend the vulnerable or support the underdog. Your personal desires always seem to be thwarted. As a small child, you may have experienced difficulty in getting your own way in your own home. Later, as an adult, it may have seemed that the world was conspiring against you. Your lesson is to focus on the needs of the world, rather than personal desires.

Once this concept is learnt, you will be a powerful advocate for humanity. You will be able to empathise with and fight for those who need your strength and compassion. This is a time to increase our cultural and spiritual awareness, expand our higher minds, broaden our experiences, and place our faith in the universe. Jupiter in Sagittarius is bold, opinionated, just, and adventurous. November 8, to December 2, You are artistic and talented but need to learn self discipline if you are to make something of it. You may be careless with your possessions and need to learn to handle money.

Conservation, moderation, definition, structure, simplicity, and realism are themes now. We might also be striving for more authority in a particular area of our lives now. The urge to start fresh, to break free from restrictive attitudes or circumstances, to totally redesign an area of our lives or even our personalities , and to gain freedom through independence is strong during this cycle. May 27, , to August 13, , then March 11th, , to May 15, , then November 6, , to March 6, A long-term influence in which fantasy, imagination, compassion, and spirituality are in stronger focus.

April 4, , to August 4, , then February 3, , to March 30, , then October 22, , to January 26, Tests of our boundaries; breaking down and rebuilding structures and rules. From January 25, , to June 14, , then November 26, , to March 23, , then June 11, , to January 20, , then September 1, , to November 19, You have a tendency to become embroiled in the dramas of life. You are familiar with the darker side of life.

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Your challenge is to rise above the negativity, and use your resources for the good of others. Strong awareness of our own vulnerabilities and humanity stimulates compassion for others. April 20 to July 20, , then February 8, , to April 17, , then September 25, , to February 18, You work best in an atmosphere of freedom and have a tendency to escape from routine. You will have a commitment to humanitarian or political causes which do not offend your sense of individuality.

You are able to see both sides of a story and help bring opposing parties into agreement. You are a diplomat and a defender of justice. You need to feel safe and secure in your relationships. You want your partner to be reliable and stable and are likely to want a traditional marriage.

You feel cared for when your loved ones intensely focus their attention on you. You are emotionally committed to those close to you. That moon was intense, because it was in hard aspect with Mars the planet of war , which had our tempers running high and our mouths running wild. Well, two weeks later, and Mars is still chillin' there — and still wildly provoking our dearest Luna.

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To boot, he's been joined in a conjunction with Neptune, planet of dreams and illusions, which sprinkles a whole bunch of confusion over the whole mess. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust to get her take on this moon's vibes: "The Sagittarius New Moon marks a new beginning for everyone, but not without frustrations and setbacks," shares Stardust. All in all, the current vibe "adds a sinister, underhand influence to the aggression, sexuality and nastiness of Mars in hard aspect," according to Astrology King. Mars is steroid-y enough as-is — it's masculine, action-driven, and aggressive — so we're going to have to really watch how we channel our frustrations, tempers, and sexual energy during this moon.

Given that illusion-prone planet Neptune will also be squaring the moon, we also need to be careful of being tricked or deceived — or doing so to others. Trust me, not a good time for all that. As Stardust noted, though, this moon marks a new beginning nonetheless. There's still room for growth — it's just a matter of finding healthy ways to express yourself and relate to others. Working solo on passion projects can be a great way to take advantage of the energy in a posi way. If you're not into art, immerse yourself into something more physical, such as exercise or some healthy sexual expression solo or otherwise!

This new moon is also the last in our current phase of eclipses, meaning we're embarking on the series' final moon cycle. It marks an ideal time to take a nice hard look at what you've been up to since July. Have you met your goals? Have you grown as a person? But even if it seems rather brutish, Bernadette Brady still regards Betelgeuse as a very fortunate in her commentaries, saying it generally gives worldly power, great strength and success.

Variable moods and the mind always anxious with the immediate problems of the day. The tarot card associated with this decan is the 2 of Cups. This card is very obviously a positive card and associated with relationships. The deeply emotional, intimate and loving side of Cancer plays out really strongly with this card. The couple hold their Cups at equal height symbolising equality and acceptance within the relationship.

The maturity that exists between this couple allows both partners to maintain their own independence, friends, hobbies etc outside the relationship without jealousy or possessiveness setting in. With the twins being so active in this decan we can see the potential of finding a twin flame in the current period thanks to the influence of this card! The soft aspects brings to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius that has been refined over many lifetimes.

The more outlandish the subject behaves, the more the public seems to lap it up. The sextile is supposedly harmonious energy, but we still get some challenge with this aspect. Everything about this full moon is beautiful and its nurturing energy is just perfect for the Christmas season. It is also just fabulous for all festive indulgence and home-cooking that goes on at this time of year. In our personal lives, we can see that the scapegoating tendency could flare up after one too many glasses of Christmas spirit.

Any grandiose super-narcissistic behaviour could have Gaia unleash her Scorpio sting and the offending guest may well be sent limping home as the universe dishes out its divine punishment. That leaves the rest of the family to enjoy the fuzzy, warm love that can now flourish once the toxic drama-king or queen has been removed. Betelgeuse is the archetype of the divine masculine however and the positive side could be Papa Santa Claus bringing joy himself. A wise old grandad calms things down, uniting the family against jealousy and disruption. Yes, there is the chance of explosions, but hopefully, they will be nothing more than champagne corks popping or fireworks at New Year.

Generally, this is very cosy full Moon and best enjoyed in the bosom of the family. Genuine love is embraced with open arms as seen in the heartwarming two of cups card. Happy Yule! Red Jasper or Poppy Jasper. I picked these stones as they resonate so well with the energy of this full moon.

Red Jasper is actually associated with Gaia who is featured in the Betelgeuse myth. Emotional healing: Gives men and women quiet strength to resist bullying or domestic violence… Protective against psychic attack or if working with psychologically disturbed people. So this stone is great for dragon slaying and gives courage!